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march 28th

Page history last edited by Amal 8 years, 5 months ago

so I cut the board

made the holes 

what I know that i need and don't have( for now):

ULN2003A Driver IC!!! 

LED's are coming in the mail...


1)what is the current highest risk item?

I think getting the code to do exactly what i need it to will be my biggest problem


2)what is the plan to alleviate that risk?

get to finish building everything early so i can give the most time to that

3)what you plan to do for/in each class? 

every class i will finish as much as possible from the project 

4)what you actually managed to do?

I think i now have all the parts i need. done with the shadow boxas well

5) problems you ran in to?

none yet

6) what parts, information, and assistance do you need

set up of arduino and circuit 


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