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Safety Guidelines

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Safety Guidelines


  1. After working with electronics, always wash your hands before eating or rubbing eyes. Although we use lead-free solder, there might be of other chemicals on electronic components and devices that you should not ingest.
  2. Do not come into contact with any voltage above 24V. Any device that plugs into a wall outlet (110 VAC) must be unplugged when working on it, and I must approve of your work before you plug it in.
  3. Be safe when using power tools, hammers, and sharp tools. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not work on unstable work surfaces.  Do not work so close to others that you might hit or touch them with a tool, or that they may be hit by something flying.
  4. Always wear safety glasses when using power tools.
  5. Always replace soldering irons in their holder: Never lay them down on a table. Be aware of those around you and don't wave around a hot tool.
  6. Be aware of people using tools. Do not bump into them, surprise them, or get close to them without them knowing so that they don't hit you by accident. 
  7. When working with heavy objects, make sure they don't fall on a foot or toe, and ask for help lifting them.
  8. Do not plug in mysterious or unknown devices without first checking with me

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